Pay tribute to one of the hardest working professions there is with our firefighter costumes and accessories. A typical fireman outfit will feature suspenders, pants with reflective stripes, a jacket, ,and fire hat. Firefighters can be men or women, so you can pick up an occupational style for children or adults or any gender.

Firefighters have one of the most exciting and popular jobs, especially according to children. Kids love this heroic career and like to dress in firefighting gear for playtime or Halloween dress-up. Even if you don't go full out, a few choice fireman accessories can create a simple and effective look. Add items like a firefighter hat and suspenders to any outfit for an instant design you kids can use for everyday play. For more elaborate ensembles, add occupational accessories like a fire hose, badges, a toy axe, or a stuffed Dalmatian.

Firemen and women are responsible for keeping homes safe from fires. Many kids love these public servants thanks in part to their awesome equipment. Fire trucks and long ladders are really impressive tools firemen use to put out fires. A fire bucket can be a fun alternative to a Halloween pail when you go trick-or-treating. Embrace this theme with all your props and add-ons for a great time.

Pick up a new job opportunity this Halloween with our firefighter costumes and accessories.

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