Fog Machines & Accessories

Most people fear what they can't see. This fear of the unknown is the main reason people are so easily scared by haunted houses and hayrides, as well as movies and ghosts. You can play on this omniphobia by filling your home with darkness and fog this Halloween season. Check out our awesome fog machines and juice props and use them to create a frightful atmosphere in your home for your next haunted house event or Halloween party.

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We have a great variety of fog machines and related accessories that come in different styles and levels of power. You can place any one of these fog makers on the floor of your home or garage and watch it create a misty environment for visitors – a nightmare for those who fear what they cannot see. We also have fog machines that can be run off of a timer, so you can schedule the fog to be released at a specific moment. These items are extremely effective for haunted houses because they allow you to control the levels of fog and set the scene just right for your purpose.

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