Frankenstein Costumes

Become one of the most famous Halloween monsters with our Frankenstein costumes and monster accessories. Dr. Frankenstein is an experimental mad scientist who reanimates a dead body to create artificial life. Unfortunately for the poor doctor, his monster becomes murderous and kills his family members in an act of revenge. Frankenstein has evolved from its original intent to mean the monster in the story. Frankenstein's monster is often portrayed as an incarnation of the 1931 movie version. He has bolts protruding from his neck, a green complexion, and a primitive forehead. Pick out a monster outfit for children or adults and put some scar back into Halloween.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is often thought of as one of the first representations of zombies on film or in literature since he was brought to life from dead tissue. He might not be a conventional zombie, but a few monstrous accessories like fake blood, zombie makeup kits, and scars can help you create the ultimate character look. Green face paint and a shaggy black wig can also help improve your monster outfit.

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