Freddy Krueger Costumes

There is no getting around how scary he is. If you're planning to wear Freddy Kruger/Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes this Halloween you're sure to hear a few screams. Don't be surprised if your fellow party attendees as much give you a cautious hug as maybe avoid you. With that menacing glove razor hand, that burned face and maniac laugh, ole Freddy is one of best modern age horror movie monsters. This is one of the baddest baddies you could ever dream to be.

A Freddy/Nightmare costume is not just for the guys though. We have the classic red and dark green for ladies too. And like and iconic Halloween witch, when it comes to outfitting our female Freddies, rest assured our costumes reveal a little skin. Our faux sweater dresses come short enough to show just the right amount of leg. And there's a classic three-striped open swipe perfectly placed dead center of the dress. A sexy Freddy can still be a scary Freddy, right?

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