Genie Costumes

Just rubbing a lamp won't do it. You're going to have to jump on in and search through our Genie Costumes to find the best one to wear this Halloween. But don't worry we have you covered. You'll make it through the harem in one piece we promise. Looking for some cute billowy harem pants? Want to send a little sexy message to the sultan? Picking out a Halloween costume this year you'll find just the right Genie Costume for your needs in our collection.

Well we have bikini-like tops and bottoms that make up the perfect female genie-from-the-bottle costumes. Maybe you want to dress like an evil Djinn, we can help you there too. Let's face it not every Genie is funny like the one in Aladdin. This time honored tradition goes back many years and we have the many varieties on display with our collection.

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