Ghost Costumes

Yes, Ghosts Costumes are pretty much a Halloween staple. But these days dressing like a ghost for the most ghoulish day of the year takes more than poking some eye holes in your mother's bed sheets. And what happens when the mom of the house wants to fashion herself as a spooky apparition? Just think about how many different varieties of ghost you've seen in the movies over the past decade. You can as much visit Casper and the friendly kind, as all those variations of scary ghosts out there these days. From the elegant to the nasty we have them all. The sexy and the startling too. And of course in our ghost collection we represent all kinds of Hollywood creations as well.

As with all out costumes we marry old traditions with modern day sensibilities. This is how so many of our costumes come to be unisex, how we can outfit both kids and adults. Why get all stuck-up in just a sheet when there are so many different ways to get out and say ‘Boo!'. There are lots of ways to go bump in the night. And there are lots of outfits here to choose from. Have a look around at our Ghost Costumes and make the best choice for you and your family to be the very best ghosties this Halloween.

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