Make sure to call Ghostbusters this year with this awesome 80’s-style gear. These costumes will ensure you will be able to fight off Casper the Friendly ghost, or the evil Slimer from the movie. Enjoy as the great comedic blockbuster comes to life this Halloween, thanks to Anytime Costumes. The eccentric parapsychologists turned spirit-fighters are the funniest people you’ll ever meet, which means you will have everyone laughing out loud at the party dressed up as them! No matter who you prefer to be from the awesome movie, you can bet that you won’t be able to wait until next Halloween, so you can dress up as someone else from the wacky movie!

You should know our Ghostbusters don't discriminate. Men or women can find a costume in this famous movie collection. And little boys and girls can snuggle into outfits made for their size. And looking for a cap, boots or even the famous Proton Pack and gun. Be careful though, don't cross the streams!

This is bound to be one rollicking fun Halloween as you and your family take on these movie roles made famous by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis. Whatever better way to get into the true spirit of Halloween then adopting the pose, look and attitude of these famous movie icons?

Let us by the keymaster for your Halloween fun this year, check out our full array of Ghostbusters Costumes.

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