20's Costumes

It's hard to believe almost 100 years have passed since the dawn of the 1920s. And while that may seem so very long ago, many of the influences brought to us by the infamous Roaring Twenties still live on today. The 20s had a style all its own. From jazz music and bob hair styles to the fringe flapper dresses worn by the young women of the day, this unique and prosperous era is commonly chosen for themed costume parties and events today.

When girls need to dress in 1920s clothing, flapper dresses are usually the most popular choice. With all those fringes to shake and shimmy, there is no wonder why girls love to dress up as Flappers. Flapper costumes are perfect for group dance recitals, school talent shows and of course Halloween! At Anytime Costumes we carry a full selection of girl's flapper costumes. They are available in black, pink or red and the styles range from just the hem line to all over fringe. Most of our costumes even come with a matching Roaring 20s Feather Headband! And if you want to add even more flair, we also carry a full selection of 20s costume accessories to complete the look. You'll find feather boas, pearl necklaces and even kids size fishnet tights perfect for any young girl.

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