80's Costumes

Ronald Reagan was elected President, the use of Personal computers was on the rise, Music Television (MTV) was launched and the popularity of Walkman and Boombox Radios impacted the Music industry! You guessed it – we're talking about the 1980s! Hard Rock and Heavy Metal were some of the most dominant music genres of the day and their influence can definitely be seen in the popular Girls costumes of the 80s.

Today, Eighties themed costume parties seem to be a growing trend, not only for Halloween, but for Birthday Parties and Charity Events as well. People young and old are dressing up in 80s costumes and heading off for a night full of big hair and Valley Girls. When most girls think of 80s fashion, they think of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Eighties outfits consisted of bright neon colors, lace skirts and mesh tops. Our complete line of 80s Halloween costumes for girls offers a great representation of the clothing styles of the time. Also quite trendy was the New Wave Punk scene, which brought along with it brightly dyed hair, fingerless gloves and ripped fishnet tights.

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