Girls Animal & Bug Costumes

Kid's Animal costumes are needed just as much throughout the year as they are at Halloween. We've found that when it's not time for Trick or Treat, most girls' animal costumes are being used for school plays or other theatrical events. At we know it can be difficult to find certain costumes outside of October, and that is why we offer a full selection year round! So whether you are a teacher trying to outfit the entire class or a busy Mom looking to dress your child for her starring role, you've come to the right place.

No matter what type of Animal you want, you're sure to find it here. Need to find a farm animal costume? We've got it! She can choose a Cow, a Chicken, Turkey or even a Lamb costume. Looking for more of a jungle animal? No problem, we have that too! How about a Tiger, Monkey, Giraffe or Bear? We even carry more domesticated animal costumes like dogs, cats, bunny rabbits and frogs. Many of our Animal costumes are unisex; however we do have lots of styles made specifically for girls with an added feminine touch.

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