Add another element to your costume to make it really wow your friends with the help of our great selection of Girl's Capes and Robes! Capes and robes make great additions to a number of different outfits and can help put the perfect finishing touch on your great outfit. The best part about capes and robes is their versatility. You can wear a cape or a robe with a ton of different characters, like a witch, vampire, or even a princess! Even better, you can reuse a cape or a robe year after year no matter what costume choice you decide to go with, making them an even better value. Search through our stock of girl's capes and robes to find the perfect compliment to your costume and order yours today!

Capes and robes work perfectly with a medieval or mystical theme. If you want to dress up as a princess, queen, Little Red Riding Hood, or a fairy god mother, it all starts with a cool cape. A cape or hooded robe immediately makes your costume more eye catching and engaging and you can steal the show at your neighborhood friend's costume party or on Halloween night. Our Queen or Princess styled robes can make you look as regal as any queen in history, folk tales, or films. On the other hand, you can also be a spooky, shrouded witch or vampire for a really devilish look. Adding a black or red cape or a hooded robe is a great way to make your outfit even scarier. 

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