Travel back in time to a place where the land was ruled by Pharaohs, the great Pyramids were constructed and hieroglyphics were used record important stories and events. Yes we're talking about Ancient Egypt. With such a rich history and profound impact on modern day living, it's no wonder why this fascinating time period from so long ago is constantly being studied and explored with the hope of finding new breakthroughs and discoveries. Ask any little girl and she's sure to tell you, one of the most interesting parts of this ancient time was the fashion.

Egyptian cotton is what most people envision of when they think of fabrics used to make clothing during this era but the truth is most of the clothing worn by girls in Egypt was made from linen! Usually long white tunics that would reach down to the ankles. And if they were able to afford it, gold jewelry was also an important part of their wardrobe. At Anytime Costumes we carry a large selection of Cleopatra Costumes for girls that are ideal for dressing up on Halloween or for School reports on Egyptian Rulers.

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