Girls Horror & Gothic Costumes

Some people find it surprising that when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, girls love Horror Costumes just as much as boys! After all, not every girl is about princesses and fairies. Some girls love to get in touch with their darker side. And while the girls' costume styles may not be as gruesome and gory as the boys, they still have that scary touch that lets everyone know it's Halloween!

So how do we make horror costumes attractive to girls? All it takes is a little extra flair and panache. Make no bones about it our Skeleton costumes are the cutest around! With printed leggings, tutu skirts and subtle pink accents, they are cute and fearsome all at the same time. If she's looking for more of a ghoulish ensemble, try out one of our Zombie or Monster Bride costumes. And while you're getting wrapped up in all the options, be sure to check out our frightening Mummy costumes as well!

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