Girls Pirate Costumes

Arrrr you looking for Pirate Costumes? We certainly hope so because has an amazing selection of pirate costumes for girls. Whether you're looking for a traditional pirate outfit with pants and a vest or something more feminine with a skirt and some frills you're sure to find it here. With over 20 different pirate costumes from which she can choose there is sure to be something to tickle her fancy.

From Pirate Captain's to sassy Swashbuckler's pirate costumes are always a popular choice for Halloween. Our official Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica costume is often a top pick for girls. Some pirate costumes come with matching leggings and head wrap bandannas, others include a pirate hat. And just in case you really want to jazz things up, we offer an incredible selection of pirate costumes accessories. From pirate cutlass swords to rhinestone eye patches and classic hoop earrings to costume boots you'll find everything you need to make your pirate costume totally unique.

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