It's a no braiiinner! Every girl should get to go all out on Halloween by being the creepiest, stinkiest creature with one of our girls' zombie costumes! These eerie designs are bound to get some high pitched screams out of the other kids, and that's exactly what every zombie girl wants! Zombies are in the same crowd as vampires, witches, ghosts, and mummies in that they go hand in hand with Halloween. That means that these looks are guaranteed to be a hit each year. 

Typical zombie lore follows stories of a plague that causes people to rise from the dead. The worst part? The dead come back hungry for the braiinnsss of other people! Once bitten by one of these terrifying creatures, that person becomes infected with the disease and becomes a zombie, too! The cycle goes on and on until there are more zombies than there are people. If you ever come across one of the undead, you'll need to know that the only way to kill them is by shooting or stabbing them right through their brain. Other than that, these creatures are unstoppable- because they're already dead! 

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