Gorilla Costumes

It's just too easy to go ape this Halloween. Our Gorilla Costumes come in various sizes, shapes and style. If you're looking for full one piece costume-and to keep mighty warm-we have the suit for you. Looking to cut a cartoony figure, we have some silly simians as well. With faux fur of various color, lifelike simian masks, specific body pieces and head-to-toe costumes, we have you covered when it comes to wanting to monkey around.

There's a lot to be said for dressing up in one full costume. Covered head to toe you can act the part perfectly at the party. Nobody will ever know who you are as you crouch around delivering your act. But don't blame us if you suddenly get quite the hankering for bananas. If you find yourself after hours swinging from a backyard tree at least you know you'll know you're dressed for it. How ‘bout getting the whole family in on the ape act? As with most of our theme costume collections we make our Gorilla suits in different sizes so everybody can get in on the fun. A whole gorilla family would be quite the site to see entering the big Halloween bash. One thing's for sure, this Halloween you're not going to soon be forgotten.

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