Back in 1978 it certainly was ‘the word'. Now a Grease Costume can be your choice for a Halloween fun. Looking to be a T-Bird or a Pink Lady? We have every piece of the outfits you need, from leather jackets to pink satin ones. Or maybe you just want to have a little fun getting' yourself into some 50'sinspired gear. From our Grease collection a Danny and Sandy of any age can have their pick in exactly what they want to wear. When outfitting yourself with the style and attitude of a movie that's known as well as Grease you don't want to be caught just doing the Hand Jive. We provide all the Grease Lighting you'll need in color, detail so you can create the movie perfectly in what you wear.

Recall the distinctive look of each character populating Rydell High? Remember all those wild pink lady hairdos. Wanna strut round your party like Rizzo? How about the fact that Sandy and Danny even had more than one distinctive look during the movie. We feature all these variations in outfit, wig and prop even. Want to get the little ones in on the act? We have costumes to fit them too.

Dressing as a character from one of the most beloved movies of all time you are sure to turn heads. Our Grease Costumes are the perfect pick for you this Halloween.

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