Green Lantern Costumes

Defend the galaxy in your very own Green Lantern costume with matching superhero accessories. The Green Lantern is the title of a series of comic books, cartoons, and movies about a superhero who gains his powers from a magic ring. The Green Lantern Corp is an organization of aliens that protect the galaxy from evil forces by harnessing the power of will. Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, and Guy Gardner are some of the main superheroes from Earth that are a part of this exclusive collective of intergalactic police. This line of comics is a title from DC Comics, so it is common to see Green Lantern teamed up with the Justice League. If you or your child is interested in a Green Lantern costume for kids or adults, we carry all the superhero costumes and props you will need to save the universe.

The Green Lantern's only accessory is his magic ring which he uses to create any weapon with the power of his mind. No Green Lantern accessory set would be complete without this ring. Since he can shape his ring's force into any object, you can get a little creative with your superhero costume accessories. Try our masks and gloves to help complete you super suit. You can also pick up weapons like our Green Lantern sword. There are tons of Lantern Corps members from different planets. You can still dress up as your favorite hero with a little help from our alien masks for characters like Tomar Re.

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