Hairspray & Color

One of the first things most people notice about someone is the style of his or her hair. Maybe you have a conservative hair style. 364 days out of the year your hair is straight, wavy brown hair. Well, today it's time to try something different. Maybe it's Halloween, or maybe you're just feeling very eccentric, either way we have hair spray and hair color products and accessories to help transform you into someone with a bit more flair.

Whether you're trying to pull off punk rocker, Goth, or just have a whacky costume idea where you need a certain color hair, we have hair accessories for you. Heck, you can even make your hair glow in the dark with some of these products. If you want to stand out, you have to start at the top. I promise you, if you turn your hair into one of these crazy colors, no one will be able to look through you. How could anyone not do a double take focused on the guy or girl with bright green hair? It would be nearly impossible.

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