Go for a high score this Halloween with a Halo costume fit for the leaderboards! Halo video games have been amongst the top selling releases of the year they were made. With such success and acclaim, it is no wonder that adults and children alike would want to dress as the super-soldiers known as Spartans. A Master Chief costume and accessories are the first step to achieving galactic supremacy.

You can't very well go on dangerous missions without the proper equipment. Halo accessories like toy weapons can add an element of fun to your video game costume. Add items like Halo gloves, Master Chief helmets, and space themed guns to your outfit for an authentic look. Gauntlets or gloves are an essential piece to your Halo outfit. You can't face murderous aliens or the cold of outer space without a complete Halo jumpsuit. Some video game accessories are just to cool to come off the screen. You can recreate some of the more unique weapons from the game with DIY techniques based of prop guns we carry. Try to make your very own Halo sword or gravity hammer using foam and other tools.

Space can be a scary place. If you are looking to face down aliens and save the planet, our complete Halo costumes and accessories are just what you need to get the job done.

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