Harry Potter

Find yourself a magical Halloween outfit with our selection of Harry Potter costumes and accessories. The Harry Potter book and movie series is a classic tale of good vs. evil featuring three friends on an adventure to save the world. What could be more exciting than that? J. K. Rowling's books have defined a generation, so kids and adults alike love the series. You can find wizard and witch costumes and props for men, women, and children to complete your Halloween look. You might not have gotten your letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but fear not because dressing up in wizards robes with accessories like magic wands and witch hats is the next best thing!

Harry Potter costumes would not be complete without all the props you see in the movies. Whether you need a cauldron for potions class, a magic wand for charms, or a broom for Quidditch practice, we have you covered. The wizard robes aren't the only part of your Harry Potter school uniform. Each Hogwarts house needs the appropriate tie, scarves, and school crest. Join up with your fellow Slytherin's, Ravenclaw's, Hufflepuff's, and Gryffindor's with a Harry Potter tie and colored robes. You don't have to be a good wizard in Harry Potter's universe. Evil witches and wizards called Death Eaters and monsters called dementors are on the side of the terrible Lord Voldemort. Don a pair of black Harry Potter robes and a scary skull mask to create a scary outfit for Halloween.

Get ready for a magical Halloween when you wear one of these Harry Potter costumes with magic accessories!

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