Hello Kitty

Get cute this Halloween with a sweet Hello Kitty costume for girls, teens, and women. Hello Kitty is sweeping the fashion scene. You can find this adorable kitten on everything from dresses to shoes. She's even on pretty pink jewelry! Dress up to say "Hello Kitty" from head to toe with our Hello Kitty costumes and jewelry accessories. Sanrio's white little cat with the red bow has given form to TV shows, fashion lines, high-end jewelry, music, and videogames. This little kitty is one of the most popular characters in the world, so dressing up in some Hello Kitty clothes is a fashionable way to spend your Halloween.

Hello Kitty costumes aren't just for little girls. Women and teen Hello Kitty fashions are just as cute and cuddly as the kid's version. A white an pink dress is the perfect foundation for your outfit. Then, you can add Sanrio accessories like Hello Kitty headbands, jewelry, and shoes. If you can't find licensed shoes, try red high heels or flats to match your other accessories. Don't forget to wear Hello Kitty's trademark red bow when you're picking out your props. The cat accessories don't end there. There are hundreds or Hello Kitty prop items available, but you can also turn ordinary clothing articles into props for your outfit. Add items like ribbons, face paint, and whisker sets to your Hello Kitty ensemble for a more feline look.

Pay homage to Japan's fluffiest cutie this Halloween with a Hello Kitty costume and accessories.

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