Hippie Costumes

A 1960s theme party or Halloween event is the perfect time for a hippie costume and accessories. The 60s was the decade that birthed the hippie culture movement. Hippies were a sub-culture of young adults who were associated with psychedelic music and the Flower Power movement. The hippies attended concerts like Woodstock and other groovy music festivals. The fashion that sprung from this free-spirited group includes tie-dye clothes, headbands, love bead necklaces, peace sign jewelry, and rose tinted glasses. There's more to being a hippie than the fashion, but our 60s costumes and accessories are a great place to start off your ensemble!

Typical 60s fashions include floral or tie-dye shirts and dresses paired with a leather vest. Bell-bottom pants were also a big fashion trend. If you are looking for more inspiration, take a look at musicians of the time for fashion tips. Once you have chosen your kids or adult hippie outfit, the fun really starts when you get to add props and accessories. The 60s were all about love and peace, so peace sign earrings and necklaces are a great fit for the theme. Men's outfits can be accessorized with a hippie beard and wig set. Afro wigs are another fun hairstyle choice. Top off your wig with a hippie headband. Platform shoes, go go boots, and strappy sandals are all great footwear options.

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