Horror Props & Decorations

If you are hosting a haunted house event or a Halloween party this year, then you should definitely check out our chilling collection of horror props. You might not even need to serve food at your event because most of your guests will probably run out of your house in terror prior to mealtime. We have an outstanding variety of items, featuring hanging props, props that stand alone, props that sit in chairs, and gruesome props you can leave lying around your house for the shock factor.

Horror has always been an interesting genre. What began as a rising genre in literature became a highly successful film genre, even to this day. Some of the first notable horror stories featured famous creatures and characters, such as vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, and monsters. The most well-known monster is most likely Frankenstein's monster. Once the genre transitioned into film, it developed several subgenres, including supernatural stories, thrillers, and slasher movies. In more recent horror movies, creatures such as zombies and serial killers have been used as antagonists.

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