Horror & Gothic

Dress to kill in one of our teen horror costumes. This Halloween, dress like a character straight from your favorite horror film, or put a scary spin on a fairytale favorite. Horror movies play on your deepest fears, frightening you with with supernatural monsters, gruesome images, and startling scenes. While some people enjoy this genre all year round, horror films are especially popular during Halloween time, when friends gather to enjoy a good thriller. 

Make your favorite horror movie monster come to life with a horror costume for teens. Imagine the Barclay family's terror when they realize that their son's doll Chucky is alive. Put a spin on a Halloween classic and dress up as a female version of this possessed play thing. Dolls are usually a comforting toy for children, but in this film, terrified little Andy struggles to escape from this evil spirited doll. One of the worst feelings is knowing that people think he's crazy, and he is all alone in his nightmare. Accessories like fake blood and haunting wigs will make the your outfit even more sinister. 

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