Horror & Gothic Accessories

You are a creature of the night. It's just who you are. It is in your blood. You are the dark thing in the shadows people think they see, but never do. You are the horror legend that keeps kids awake and hiding under their covers all night. Be the scariest gothic being you can be this Halloween, with one of our gothic and vampire accessories. Your creepiness is at about a five right now, and we're trying to bump it up to a 10.

You've never seen a vampire or Goth on TV dressed in bright colors, sporting a nice tan. No, if you want to be true to the genre, you need to dress properly. Wear a medallion that makes it look like you're in a cult, and put on white face paint that makes it seem like you haven't seen the sun in years. You don't even need a costume to look like a gothic vampire, with all the accessories we have, but one of our vampire costumes sure wouldn't hurt. There's nothing more classic than being dark and mysterious for Halloween. So put on a choker, and smear some fake blood on your lips, because you are a horrific tale that is as old as time.

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