Hulk Costumes

There's no reason to get angry when there are tons of Hulk costume items to choose from! The Hulk is part of the Marvel comic universe and has been a part of teams like The Avengers. This comic and cartoon character has something for everyone, so we carry outfits for kids and adults. Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, is a scientist who gained superhero powers when he was exposed to gamma rays. Banner is a brilliant scientist who turns into a super strong hero. When he gets angry he transforms, a la Jekyll and Hyde, into The Hulk. You can transform too with a little help from our superhero costume accessories.

Get ready to smash some bad guys with Hulk props and clothing accessories. The Hulk doesn't wear much more than shorts, but you can recreate his look with Hulk gloves, wigs, and face paint. Boy's hulk hands accessories are a fun toy for kids to play with on Halloween. Other superhero costume items like Hulk masks and muscle shirts can give you a giant buffed-up look.

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