Jason Voorhees Costumes

Add some horror to your Halloween with our Jason Voorhees masks and other Friday the 13th costume accessories. The crazed serial killer, Jason Voorhees, is a classic scary movie villain known for his bloody hockey mask and machete. Jason first appears in the original film Friday the 13th as the son of a camp cook who drowned in the camp lake. In the sequels, he becomes the main antagonist of the films, stalking and killing various teenagers. Men and women can dress up as this psycho killer with just a few simple accessories.

Halloween movies are well loved by men and women alike. You can create a sexy Friday the 13th costume for women that incorporates the major pieces of the original male character. The bloody hockey mask and sword are the two main props you can't do without. A Miss Jason Voorhees outfit might feature a hockey dress and mask to imitate that feel of the original outfit. Jason's hockey mask is the distinguishing feature of his character design. Other horror accessories like a bloody machete and fake blood can help improve your look. Gloves and face paint can also help you create a scary image. Try adding black face paint around your eyes to create a dark look behind your Jason mask.

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