Joker Costumes

Dress up as Batman's arch nemesis this Halloween with our The Joker costumes and accessories. The Joker is a Batman villain who thrives on sheer chaos and strives to create it within Gotham. The Joker is arguably the most well-known DC Comics villain. Batman and Robin have fought this crazed criminal time and again in comics, movies, and cartoon TV shows. If you want to wear a superhero outfit without being a goody-two-shoes, a villain movie character outfit is a perfect fit.

The Joker has undergone many fashion shifts since his debut in 1940, but can typically be seen wearing a purple suit with green hair and frightening face paint. You can mimic this sinister look with your own face paint or a Joker mask and wig. A Dark Knight Joker make up kit can help you create this villain's face. The Joker has a long gash from cheek to cheek, giving him his signature smile. Apply dark makeup around your eyes, and draw a long smile in red lipstick. Other movie props like a squirting flower, playing card decks, and Joker gloves. These items aren't necessary to get your look to match the movies, but they can add a lot of fun to your look!

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