Knight Costumes

Travel to the middle ages this Halloween with a daring knight costume for men, women, and children. Medieval knights are the ones we see in fairytales and historic fantasy stories. They wear shining armor, ride on horseback and fight fierce dragons. Children's knight outfits are a great dress-up option for holidays or daily play time, while adult looks are perfect for Renaissance festivals and Halloween parties. Gear up for adventure with the right medieval costume accessories.

A warrior is only as good as his equipment. Dress for battle with knight accessories like chest plates, swords, chain mail armor, and shields. A knight helmet can also add a fun look to your outfit. There are many different types of armor to choose from. Full plate, chain mail, and scale mail are some of the most common designs you see on Halloween styles. Don't forget that a anyone can have a blast in a dashing knight outfit. Boys and girls both look great in a suit of armor or wielding a bow and arrow.

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