Lady Gaga

Frame your poker face with a rockin' Lady Gaga costume and pop star accessories. Lady Gaga is a rock star known for her outlandish outfits, wigs, and performances. Her messages are just as unique as her ensembles. Lady Gaga's music is all about being free to be yourself. Express yourself this Halloween with designs from your favorite music videos and award shows.

Lady Gaga changes her hair styles every time she goes on stage. She has been seen in her signature wigs ranging from short and colorful to long and blonde. Take a good look at the music video outfit you want to recreate in order to match it to the right Lady Gaga wig. Gaga's looks also include fun props like gloves, high heels, and masks. The pop star costumes are a major part of the look, but it's the details that really sell your look. You can add a Lady Gaga make up kit to get the lightning bolt look from her first album. Heavy eye shadow and face paint can help you achieve her other rocker looks. Other music props like microphones and other instruments can make you look like you are mid-performance!

Soak up the fame and the limelight this Halloween with our children's and adult Lady Gaga costumes and props.

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