Lighting & Special Effects

As any professional cameraman or director will tell you, lighting is a crucial part of any theatre production, television program, or motion picture. So if you are hosting a haunted house event or Halloween party, then you definitely want to check out our collection of Halloween lighting props to help set the scene for your event. We have a great variety of items, including different kinds of bulbs, lanterns, light boxes, and fog machines.

You can use any one of these items to create a different lighting effect in your home this Halloween season. Give your house an interesting feel with some blacklight bulbs or a strobe light, or give your house a rustic feel with old-looking lanterns. You can even enhance the spooky feeling in your haunted house or front yard with a fog machine. This item is perfect for a creepy graveyard because guests will have no idea what is lurking beneath the layer of fog by their ankles. It could be fun to have somebody dress as a zombie and crawl around in the fog to surprise and scare your visitors.

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