Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? The gorgeous Maleficent is one tough cookie. She is not someone you would want on your bad side! Known as the Mistress of all evil from the Disney hit, Sleeping Beauty, putting curses on everyone around her is what she does best.  Being the epitome of wicked in the Disney world, her character makes for a great costume this Halloween. Enjoy becoming the villainous woman all enchanted Princesses should be afraid of with these Anytime Costumes ensembles. 

In 2014, Maleficent shines a different light on the big screen. Her own movie, which was a prologue of Sleeping Beauty, shows her getting her heart broken by the handsome, young King Stephan. Her revenge you ask? You guessed it! Casting a spell on Stephan’s daughter, Aurora, the infamous Princess in the 1959 film, Sleeping Beauty. So, little beauties. We hope you are ready for all of the pressure it comes with being the most evil mistress of them all!

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