Marvel Comics

Avengers Assemble! The crew's all here, and you can be any one of them. Even better, Spidey came too. With our Marvel comic superhero costumes for boys, you can be your favorite one for Halloween this year. Do you want to control the power inside the Hammer of Thor, or be able to swing from building to building like Spider-Man? The police need your help. They can't catch the bad guys on their own. In your Iron Man suit of armor, you'll be flying to the rescue and blasting the villains away in no time. 

Don't let the other trick or treaters beat you to the door. Fly, swing, or jump over them, whatever you have to do, because you're a superhero and you get to the scene first. But watch out for Loki, until you get your other super hero friends to come help battle him. Remember, you're a superhero, so you have to be ready for the action. Captain America would never let his people down and I know you would never either. With great power comes great responsibility, so make sure you're up for the challenge. But first things first, you'll need a suit. Every great superhero has a disguise, and I know the perfect place to get one. On our site we'll get you started off right with one of our boys Marvel superhero costumes. 

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