Mascot Costumes

They costumes have a charm to them that are perfect for sports events and kids' parties, but they can absolutely be used for pranking and spooking people on Halloween quite effectively. One of our other popular animal costumes are the bunnies, which are ideal for Easter. With that in mind, the costumes are designed to express the season with bright colors. Regardless of your needs for one of these costumes, they are designed with the utmost attention and care to be a great quality and bargain. Men's mascot costumes are durable and can be used for several occasions for a long time.

If you want a fun way to show your support for your local team or to creep people out this Halloween or at other costume parties then this is the right collection of costumes to browse through. The Mascots costumes are mostly full-bodied suits that transform you into various animals. Sports teams often use some kind of animal as their symbol, so chances are good your team's may be available. You can choose to be a lion, an eagle, a bumblebee, a bear, and several other cute animal mascots. Every costume is made of a plush material and features a zipper in the back. You are completely covered head to toe, even the hands are mittens. The oversized head masks have a place with concealed eye holes in order to offer you good vision clarity when wearing them.

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