Mens 20's Costumes

It was a world of gangsters and Zoot-suited playboys taking their flapper girls to the flickers way back in the 20's. Our men's 20's Costumes present pinstripes and wide cuff, fedora and mustache of these when men were men. If you're ready to step back in time, just before the stock market crash, we can outfit you well. 

This was certainly a decade when men cut stylish figures almost always in a suit, hardly ever without a hat and sometimes with quite a lot of mischief on their minds. This era was called the Roaring 20's for a reason, as much for how men dressed for how they acted. A side long glance, a well-cut suit and a reputation gained you entrance to a speakeasy or thrown out to the street. Relive this glamorous tough times with our 20's collection. 

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