Mens Capes/Robes

Accoutrements and props are the name of the game in Halloween dressing-up. Men's Capes and Robes are the very starting point for many a guy getting his costume together or adding to an existing idea. As an addition to or as the main piece that an outfit is created around, in many cases a man well-dressed for Halloween is almost always sporting some sort of cape or robe. A style choice seen through history, so many men wears wear robes or dons capes during that very special night in October they are as common as a good ole fright wig or mask. 

Yes, if you want to play a magician, you know the drill. But how about a religious icon, some dandy from history or even some modern day movie characters. You're not going to get very far without a cape or robe across your broad shoulders. And of course who wants to even consider a go at Dracula without a deep dark cape with undulant folds wrapping your sinister intent. 

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