Mens Egyptian/Arabian

You thought the days of pharaohs and kings of Egypt were done? Turns out you could be the king or prince in a gold head dress and tunic. With our men's Egyptian and Arabian costumes you can experience the clothing and detail of an ancient empire. Step into the life of an Arabian prince by wearing gold colored accessories, and long flowing white robes, with daggers in your hands. Can you hear the Arabian flute music, as do the Egyptian dance, and watch your rubies sparkle? The mummies are unraveling in their grave, thinking about their grand pharaohs and kings coming back to life on Halloween. 

The pyramids were built for you tonight. All the bricks were laid in place so you could celebrate Halloween in a fashion that King Tut would celebrate ascending to the throne. These men's Egyptian and Arabian outfits are charming enough to make snakes dance in a basket. Aladdin would rub his magic lamp and use one of his wishes to look as good as you're going to look in one of these outfits. You can find a girl in a Jasmine costume to take that magic carpet ride with you. 

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