Mens Funny Costumes

Tickle funny bones with any one of the men's humorous costumes available in this collection. These Humorous costumes features some of the wackiest and most gut-splitting outfits ever devised. Some are so ridiculous that other guests at the Halloween/costume party will think that only the most insane people could come up with such an outfit. These costumes are for the adventurous type who wants to make an impression that will last for a long time. 

We can fess up to the fact that one of the funniest things is seeing a man in a dress, and it's made even more hilarious when that outfit is utterly silly. This catalog features several of these types of costumes. They either come with a prop that enhances the joke or play on the name to make the presentation of the costume that much funnier. All you'll need is a little bit of lipstick and eye shadow to transform yourself into the woman of everyone's dreams—or nightmares. 

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