Mens Patriotic

Get ready to put on a lot of red, white, and blue because it's time to celebrate Fourth of July or any other occasion in American flair. The Patriotic and Historic costumes for men offered here are designed after some of the most iconic people and events in our history. If you want to go full-out patriot, then look no further than Uncle Sam. He'll get the fighting men where they need to go to bring freedom to the shores of those who need it. Our selection of Uncle Sam costumes all feature the iconic red, white, and blue tail coat and trousers that make this character such an icon. You will also get the matching top hat to go with your costume, which will make you look snazzy. 

Reenactments and other productions are also popular for dressing up in patriotic glory, and we've got the right outfits to fit those occasions, too. With a tricorne hat, coat, breeches, and boots you'll be prepared to fight for independence in the American Revolutionary War against red coats. Or a blue jacket, trousers, and cap will transport you to the fields of combat during the Civil War. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other important figures from our history are also represented in this category for you to step into their shoes. These outfits fit a certain mood that will fill you with pride. You will look great, for sure, but more importantly, you want to feel like a true patriot when wearing these costume. 

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