Mens Police/Firefighter

There's nothing like a man in uniform to make the women swoon. Wear a men's police or firefighter costume at a Halloween or costume party and you'll demand respect. These costumes are realistic, although a few have a humorous twist. You'll look good—almost as good as the real thing. Whether you want to look like a favorite TV or movie cop or an actual police officer, we have styles for you. They come in several varieties. A basic police officer uniform is either a blue shirt or a blue jumpsuit plus some accessories. Most come with a hat, badge, name tag, and handcuffs. Many cop costumes have utility belts and other police props. Anything it doesn't come with can be purchased separately. 

 SWAT uniforms for men are popular too. SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics and these police are the ones who perform raids or respond to hostage situations. Their uniforms look like a cross between a police and a military uniform. If you dress in a SWAT costume be sure to work on your swagger. You're going to have to act as cool as you look. 

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