Mens Presidents

When it comes time to decide what to dress up as for your next costume party, why not choose the most powerful man in the world? Be the president. If the current president doesn't appeal to you, be one from the past. You'll be sure to get the votes and win a costume contest. What a way to get respect. They'll be playing "Hail to the Chief" when you enter the room. All you need is a suit and one of the presidential masks. We've got a few of the more recent Commanders in Chief, so there's a good chance you can be your favorite. We even have a recent runner-up, in case you'd prefer being him. These masks are good for a laugh or for showing respect. It's all in how you act once you're wearing it. 

We've got your historical presidents covered, too. Dress as the Father of our Country: George Washington. There are several options depending on your budget. Get a cheap one for a simple Halloween get together or get the high end Presidential get-up for an Independence or Memorial Day parade. Abraham Lincoln is represented too. He is, of course, one of the most famous, popular, and important presidents in US history. There are a few different Lincoln outfits to suit different budgets and needs. Dress as Lincoln for any patriotic event. There's even a secret service costume in case you want to protect the boss rather than be him. 

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