Mens Prisoners

Men's convicts costumes surely bring out the bad boy in you. Planning to scale the wall at midnight? Talk your way round the judge? Be the consort of a high society lady who isn't yet wise to your dealings? Going to crash the scene with your machine gun held high and your head higher? Do you have a good partnership with the warden who looks the other way? Dressing-up as a convict for Halloween can be so much dastardly fun. 

In prison stripes and jumpsuits. Wearing a double-breasted 20's cut suit from a bygone era. Whatever you choose we have authentic looking costumes as much as fun re-imaginings. Sure you might have been caught or are on the way to being sent up the river, but one shouldn't do the crime unless one is ready to do the time. And you might as well be stylin' while doing it! 

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