Mens Religious Costumes

Holy Moly, you've been invited to a Halloween party! And this year you're thinking of dressing in one of our men's Biblical/Religious costumes. It's a great pious undertaking considering and searching, then finally buying just the right costume to fit this occasion. Traipse your sandaled feet cross the sands of time and visit the centuries when bible stories and religious figures were born, worked and created legend. Actually, more than anything, it's why don't you have fun? 

You can embody any number of these characters in either tunic or toga. Wear a wild woolly beard. Sport a knowing smile holding a prop bible or the humble stance of a shepherd soon to be called. From men well known from history or a make-your-own pious gentleman of simple breeding you can pick from our countless biblical/religious outfits for just the right pick for you. 

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