Mens Zombies

"When hell is full, the dead will walk the streets." These days it seems everyone's preparing for the zombie invasion. It's the subject of a popular TV show, quite a few movies, graphic novels, and video games. Men's Zombies costumes are very popular thanks to all they exposure zombies are getting lately. You'll need one for a Halloween or costume party, or for one of the many Zombie Walks that go on in major cities around the country.

Zombies are undead. In most zombie horror stories, the corpses of the dead rise and start lumbering around looking for living people to eat. In some stories this happens due to a plague, either a virus that spreads or some sort of evil corporations biological warfare research gone wrong. Usually the zombies are slow and mindless, but sometimes they are fast and somewhat intelligent. They rarely retain memories of when they were alive. The only way to stop a zombie is to shoot or crush its head. 

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