Monsters Inc

Boo! If you and your family enjoy Pixar's scariest pair of monsters, then you definitely want to check out our terrifying collection of Monsters, Inc. costumes for your next Halloween or theme event. We have something for everybody, including men, women, teens, boys, girls, and toddlers. Anybody can dress up as Michael "Mike" Wazowski or James P. "Sulley" Sullivan.

Monsters, Inc follows the story of Mike and Sully, two monsters who make their living as "Scarers." Yes, their job is to literally be living nightmares for children. The city of Monstropolis is powered by the screams of children in the human world, so monsters like Mike and Sully must spend their days making children petrified of them to provide energy for the city. The irony of this is that the monsters believe that children are toxic and that coming anywhere close to them would prove fatal. So, while they spend so much of their time scaring little children, it is actually the monsters that are afraid.

Conflict arises when a young girl finds her way through a door portal into the Scare Factory. Mike and Sulley take the girl home and discover that she is not toxic after all, and actually quite adorable. They realize that they must get her out of Monstropolis and back to her room to prevent any further chaos in the city, and to protect her from their rival, Randall, a chameleon-like monster who plans to torture her for screams. Sulley ends up getting attached to the little while on this adventure, and names her "Boo." Monsters, Inc. shows that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and even the seemingly worst creatures have soft sides.

So show your monstrous soft side and get one of these Monsters, Inc costumes today!

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