Outdoor Props & Decorations

In order to scare people inside your home, you need to first set the scene for a horrifying night outside your home. With our selection of outdoor decorations and props, you can frighten trick-or-treaters, passerbys, and guests before they even approach your house. You can turn your front yard into a haunted cemetery, or you can scatter body parts and dead bodies around the lawn to show proof that you've killed before and you'll kill again.

We have all different kinds of lawn decorations, featuring various classic Halloween characters, as well as more unique creatures and monsters. With these props, you can put almost anything you can think of in your front yard to scare your neighbors and friends. You can get a bunch of spooky tombstones and a cemetery fence to turn your lawn into a haunted graveyard. Hang ghosts, ghouls, and reapers from your trees and porch so they can haunt visitors that are brave enough to approach your house. Adorn your yard with zombies and skeletons to show that the dead have begun their resurrection, and strew body parts across the lawn to make it even scarier.

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