Peter Pan

Have a never-ending childhood on Halloween this year when you dress up as Peter Pan! Peter Pan is the story of a mischievous boy who can fly and never gets older. This is why he makes for such a great character to dress up as. Who wants to get older and have to grow up? Nobody that we know! Peter Pan hangs out on the small island of Neverland and is the leader of The Lost Boys. He does battle with Captain Hook and has a fairy friend by the name of Tinkerbell who feels the need to protect him at all costs. Peter Pan has a numerous amount of great and unique characters so it is an obvious choice for Halloween costumes!

Peter Pan provides costumes for men, women and children alike so everyone can get in on the never-ending, never-growing, Neverland action! Men and boys can dress up as the hero Peter Pan, or the villain, Captain Hook. If you've got a friend that you want to dress up with, these two make for a great duo! Everyone at the party, no matter if you are separated or standing next to each other, will know that you two go together. Women and girls can join in on the fun by dressing up as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan as well. Float around the party as a fairy with a wand and wings! Imagine the fun you'll have! Peter Pan was actually portrayed by a woman named Betty Bronson back in the 1920's so you won't be the first girl to nail the role!

Anyone and everyone can become Peter Pan so pretend to fly and get in touch with your childhood for a night by dressing up in our Peter Pan costumes!

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