Pirate Accessories

Maybe you thought it was common to for pirates to lose an eye in battle, or that they had trouble adjusting to hooks for hands. Actually, wearing an eye patch was a strategic way for pirates to condition their eyes for battle above or below deck. Since it takes the human eye a few minutes to adjust from light to dark, this technique kept an eye prepared for sudden sword fights below deck. Now that you've got your night vision under control, you will need a sword to swing. Take your pick of weaponry with everything from swords, daggers, and cutlasses to sabers, pistols, and great ways to carry them. No one will dare touch your booty when you display these threatening tools. Dare to display some of your treasure in the form of gold coin earrings and crossbones necklaces. Make your costume really stand out with these rich looking pirate accessories.

What better way to keep drinks cold at your pirate party than with an inflatable treasure chest cooler. Just make sure you don't run out of rum. You're guests will never let you hear the end of it. With our selection of pirate swag, the possibilities are truly endless. You can build your own costume or add some personality to one you have already purchased with these great pirate accessories.

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