Pirates of the Caribbean

Why dress up like a regular pirate on Halloween when you can instead dress up like the most famous pirate ever on Halloween? Jump out of the Black Pearl and swim to our shores to get your hands on some of our great Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes! Our costumes include characters such as everyone's favorite Jack Sparrow, the terrifying and intimidating Black Beard, and the tough girl who can handle her own with the boys, Angelica. With choices like these, everyone and anyone can get in on the Pirates of the Caribbean action! Men, women, and children will all find a costume that they are looking for and will show up to the Halloween or costume party looking like they just left the set of the movie!

Jack Sparrow is the main character of the Pirate of the Caribbean movies therefore the most popular. Girls love him because he's a hunk and guys love him because he's an awesome pirate who does what he wants and always seems to get out of sticky situations. When everyone loves you, what more could you ask for in a costume? He takes on the most ruthless and famous pirates only to succeed, most of the time.

If you wish to dress up as the villain, because everyone loves to play the villain from time to time, Black Beard is your pirate! He is big, strong, and mean and makes for a great character to pretend to be. He has a daughter named Angelica who shares many of these same traits except she is much more attractive and the perfect pirate character for women!

Whether you are rescuing the Black pearl, stealing Davey Jones's heart or searching for the fountain of youth, dressing up in our Pirates of the Caribbean costumes will be a great choice for Halloween!

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